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Rhinii Genetics

An example of a stats list:
ID: rh001
Gender: Male
Color: Night Shadow
Genes: st, lh
Mutations: Spots
ID's: rh(number) 
*the basic stuff:
Tails: Fluffy, short, long, lion,
Horns: big horn, long, short, elk
Fur: long, short
*the genes:
Tails: st, lt, li, ff,
Horns: sh, lh, bh, el,
mutations: Wings, Markings, Long fur, etc..
* what the genes stand for:
st = short tail (average)
lt = long tail
li = lion tail
ff = fluffy tail
sh = short horns
lh= long (average) horns
bh = big horns (like big horn sheep)
el = elk horns (rein deer type horns)

Rhinii are deer-like creatures, except for the fact that they have a much larger variety in their genetics.
Breeding: Both parents must be on a page, 10c, you can get 1 or two fawns.  We should go by what the parents look like when breeding.
Habitat: Rhinii prefer forests, meadows, and open plains. They do well in colder areas, but need adequate forage (grass, leaves, soft bark and pine needles). Rhinii live in groups of anywhere from 3-20 called Prides.  Within these prides there are natural leaders, hunter, gatherers and such.  These ranks are not set when born and are something the owner can choose whether to mention or not when creating a pride.